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Chloe Anderson [Himawari Academy] by SparkleyKitKat
Chloe Anderson [Himawari Academy]

[ name ] Trudy “Chloe”  Anderson (She really hates her real name, so just call her Chloe)

[ age ] 16

[ gender ] Female

[ notable features ]

Has a resting bitch face, Curly hair (always seem to be dyed), always wearing vibrant lipstick colors (red, purple, pink, etc.), lot of hand gestures and body language

[ skill ] Traditional Dancer

[ height ] 5’6”/168 cm

[ weight ] 146 lb/ 66 kg


[ personality ] 

Generous: Having wealth and almost no talent or other use for society, she likes to give grand, expensive gifts to people she knows or donate charities

Shy/Easily Frustrated/Non Talkative: Afraid to talk to people as she believes she will screw up and leave a bad impression and possibly be judged to the worst degree. When she messes up she’ll beat herself up about it. When she does succeed with conversations she prefers to listen if she can hold a conversation

Helpful: With her lack of self-confidence, she tries to prove herself worthy to others by trying to help out the most, but probably will screw it up

Clingy: With only one real friend who put up with her, she never left her side. So if you can befriend this hopeless girl just be prepared for her to be there for you at your side, almost always

Clumsy: Graceful on the dance floor, but a klutz in the hall. She’ll probably end up tripping over nothing or knocking someone’s drink all over her or someone else (it’s happened more than once).

Lack of Self Confidence: Most girls just fish for attention when talking about their “flaws”, but she honestly can only see her flaws and misfortune. She sees the glass half empty rather than half full in any situation involving herself.  

Friendly/Polite: Though Anti-social and friendless, she won’t bite and would be most grateful if you talked to her (as people usually only talk to her for directions or to call her friend over). Talks in a polite manner along with some appropriate hand gestures

Summary: With her misleading “resting bitchface”, being quiet and non-talkive along with her annoying traits is hard to imagine how she kept one friend this long.

[ history ]

Chloe, with 3 other siblings, has always been the black sheep. While her younger sister is skipping grades to more highly advanced subjects, her older brother being a music prodigy, pursing medicine and music at an ivy league school,  and the oldest sister being  the Chief of Marketing at Avon. Chloe, being the third child of the Anderson’s stays in her room, teaching herself how to dance. She refuses to go to an actual dancing class (let alone classes at school) and prefers the comfort within her own room.

When she was younger she realized people were only her friend because she was rich and was very generous with her presents. After she became a little paranoid toward people, creating a wall and blocking herself from almost everyone she met. However, one person she was able to befriend did help her break her barrier and she was more willing, but honestly it didn't help much. Her only friend happened to move away before high school, which led to her parents finally noticing their daughter’s depressing mood. She wasn't a star student or a role model, so they decided to send her to the best school for wealthy students and with a great academic status: Himawari Academy. Seeing how it might help her break out of her shell as their will be others hopefully just like her: Anti-social and friendless. This experience they believe would be some kind of enlightenment journey where she could learn a thing or two about herself. Thus starts her adventure at the Academy.

[ likes/dislikes ]

+Hot drinks


+Trying new things (especially new foods)




+Being noticed (even if it’s just wave or smile)

+ Corny jokes/Puns


-Being compared to others


-Horror Films


-Being tickled

-Being Scared


-When people touch her hair


[ trivia ]

-Has a “resting bitch face”  

-She’s a scaredy cat but she won’t admit it

-When bored in class she’ll  probably take her pen/pencil and drop some pen beats. They sound pretty cool but get annoying as hell during test

-Presses her lips together when nervous or thinking

-Really ticklish

-Avoids eye contact unless she feels a bit more secure and comfortable around you (you can tell when she mentions your eye color about 2 weeks after you met)

-Knows many different folk dances, traditional dances of different cultures, and some ballroom dancing.

-Modern dancing is not her forte

-Gets uncontrollably flustered and nervous with compliments

 [ relationships ]  TBA



United States


-Helena or Mielikki (or both)
-With your CoN oc having fun (like goofing off while on duty, an action scene, something to do with winter)
-an action scene
-if we ever rp'd a scene from that
-a funny (cute and short, nothing serious) comic strip 
-anything else is fine long as one of my CoN oc's are in it 

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