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{C0NSTANTS} Charlotte Onyx Westford by SparkleyKitKat
{C0NSTANTS} Charlotte Onyx Westford

Name: Charlotte Onyx Westford

Date of Birth: November 2nd

Gender: Cis female

Age: 21

Tarot Card: The Hierophant (normal)

Country of Residence: United States

Height: 5’5

Weight: 119

Sexuality: Straight  


+ Curious

+ Devoted

+Goody Two Shoes





+/- Old Fashioned

+/- Naïve

+/- Talkative

+/- Prideful

+/- Religious AF

+/- Hopeless Romantic

-Avoids Risk

-Close Minded/Ignorant (due to how she was raised)

-Needs to be constantly driven/ motivated/ push



-Sensitive/ Takes things to Heart/ Overthinks

-Hates Being Wrong

-Doesn’t like to apologize

-Won’t Speak Up


  • Baking

  • Fashion

  • Sewing/Creating new outfits

  • Open Fields

  • Flowers

  • Rain

  • Warm/Hot Weather

  • Waking up Early

  • Sketching

  • Sweets

  • Plays

  • Dogs


  • Cleaning

  • Cold Weather

  • People Yelling at her

  • Coffee

  • People Being Late

  • Horror

  • Exercising

  • Being Scared

  • Abstract Art   

  • Cartoons

  • Violence


Short History version:

Urbania screams fashion, or at least it does in Charlotte Westford’s eyes. Inspired in Peach Town, Georgia, USA, her designs became too big for the townspeople. She takes her gumption and God-willin’ mother’s heart as she rises in this new world, will she stick to her roots? Or will she trade her farm boots for a Fendi clutch and Fashion Week?

Long History Version

Born in a religious, rural small town community in Peach Town, Georgia, Charlotte Onyx Westford dreamed of being a fashion designer after being inspired by her New York-born elementary teacher. Charlotte  was mesmerized by the outsiders fashion sense and liberal views. Her family was dirt poor,  couldn't afford anything nice but their Sunday clothes. Charlotte studied up Fashion over the years, designing her own clothes and developed a fashion sense too advanced for her little town. After high school,  she thought her dreams were going to be nothing but a dream as she was to help her family pay the bills. Her elementary teacher, whom she kept in close contact with, begged and pushed Charlotte to leave their small town and live out her dream; so she did. Charlotte left Georgia and went to New York University to study Fashion.


  • She’ll succumb to peer pressure LMAO

  • Charlotte overtime will learn more about the world and people outside her beliefs and views, making her rethink her principals and question many things. She'll learn to be more open-minded; but for now she's just a stuck-up, religious, southern girl.

  • Her southern accent will slip from time to time, esp when she's upset or very emotional

  • She's always trying to make friends and one-up people.

  • She doesn't know this but she's not a 100% straight ;)

  • She has Freckles

Rp Preferences: No preference between paragraph/script. Hmu via skype or notes

Timezone: Eastern time zone;  Usually free after 5pm everyday



United States

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